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Art Day Part 2

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5/12 UPDATE: New Voting Incentive!

     I may not have been able to finish the page on time, but I did come up with a rough sketch of the Leidrian Map. Go click the little blue button in the corner to check it out!


Hey everyone

So sorry for the delay!

I’m currently plummeting head-first into finals week and graduation without a helmet, so as you probably imagine, I’m sort of loosing my mind right now. But, I did manage to put together this week’s art piece. It’s an old sketch I drew back in my high school days, and it’s 2011 colored version. I’m hoping to redo it for 2014 soon, but for now you can find the older pieces here!

Because of all of the craziness, I can’t guarantee a new page on Monday, but I’ll make it up to you by filling in some of the cast and universe pages, because that’s something I kind of need to do. So you will know the names of some of the characters by the end of next week at the latest.

So that’s the scoop everyone! You guys enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend! I’ll talk to you all soon!


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