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Dr. Rajil


Name: Dr. Rajil

Age: roughly mid sixties

While he isn’t an official member of the Committee for Defense technology, Dr. Rajil is the mastermind behind the creation of the Sestians. With his extensive background in biology and animal intelligence, he convinced the Committee that the only way to win the war was the create a new child race




(The Five Siblings)




Name: Nahime

Age: Roughly 18

Nahime is the oldest of the five siblings and the first Sestian that was ever created. She is a talented fighter and completely loyal to the Empire that created her. Despite her somewhat serious nature, she has a soft spot for the younger siblings, particularly Priya.



Rikacastpic (2)


Name: Rikali/Rika

Age: Roughly 16

Rika is the second oldest sibling in the first generation of Sestians. While her hunting and fighting skills are on par with her older sister, her stubbornness and willingness to question orders prevent her from gaining any power or respect from her Leidri superiors. Therefore she is often tasked with less important responsibilities (mostly keeping Priyasha in line).






Name: Priyasha/Priya

Age: Roughly 13

The youngest and most troublesome of the five siblings. Priya appears to have no real agenda when it comes to causing mischief and mayhem. As far as anyone can tell, she simply does it for the sake of ruffling everyone’s feathers (literally). However she is more than eager to learn how to fight and fly so that she may join her elder siblings in the war effort. Unfortunately due to her devious nature, the Leidri have no plans of letting her

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