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Latest News and How This is All Going to Work

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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know about the new things that have been posted here and on various other sites, and there’s a lot so brace yourself.

For this site:

  • First off, I added a Leidrian page and put a bit of content on there. It’s not much, but I’ll definitely be adding more as we go on, including pictures.
  • I fixed up the gallery so that you will have an easier time going through the photos.
  • Customized Navigation buttons. Yay!!!!
  • Sharing buttons. Yay!!!
  • Added a bit more detail to the ‘about’ page

On other sites:

  • The process pages for Page Five are up and live on deviantart, go check them out. Keep my DA page in mind, since I’ll post old voting incentives and art that’s not necessarily related to the comic on there as well. Speaking of incentives…
  • New voting incentive! This one is a banner that I ultimately decided to scrap. It’s still a pretty cool image, so go click that little blue button in the corner and take a peek. I know you want to!
  • There are actually quite a few things happening over at topwebcomics, one of which is a wallpaper of page 2 and 3 which is really huge and really pretty. I also added a character avatar on the site, so you may see her from time to time if you’re a frequent flier of the webcomic variety.


So now all of the good stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about the update schedule.

Like it says on the about page, I’m hoping to update every Monday night if possible. Since I’m relatively new to this sort of thing, I can’t say for certain much might be too much for me, especially in the beginning. Once I settle in, I’m sure that there will be more regular updates, but for now it’s a little shaky. (Don’t worry. Page 7 will definitely be up by Monday.)

However, Whether the new page goes up or not, every Thursday I plan on uploading something. It will mostly likely be sketches, or rejected ideas, not relating to the main story line, however other ideas include tutorial videos, process pages, photographs, basically a bunch of random stuff. For this week, the page five process pages will serve as our first Thursday uploads! (If anyone has a better name for it, go ahead and offer it up.)

That’s all for now folks, you go out and have a great weekend, I’ll see you all on Monday. And as always, thanks for all of the support!!

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